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There are many types of advertising jobs in demand, and marketing jobs are also plentiful. As an industry, the average position in advertising and marketing earns a salary of approximately $71,000 per year. However, this fluctuates significantly based on the particular role.

Advertising Jobs by Type

When a candidate with a marketing degree searches for employment in this field, the options are endless. There are internet marketing jobs, which have become increasingly popular due to their flexible work situations. Many of these jobs allow work from home arrangements. Other marketing and advertising careers include ad agency jobs, advertising sales, and market research analysts.

As an advertising sales agent, the salary expectation is just over $48,000 per year. These roles are currently declining in demand with a decrease of 4 percent projected through 2026. In contrast, market research analysts earn an average salary of over $63,000 per year and are expected to see an astounding growth rate of 23 percent through 2026. This growth rate is significantly higher than average and will likely cause a surge in available employment options for market research analysts throughout the country. For jobs in advertising salary expectations vary widely depending on the managerial level, the size and scope of the company itself, and the experiences of the employee.

For those individuals interested in working fromor remote work environments, advertising jobs may be the right fit. There are some large, well-known firms with strong reputations for offering work from home jobs. Some of these employers include American Express, Apple, Enterprise-Rent-A-Car, Hilton, and World Travel Holdings, to name a few.

The marketing and advertising industry offer creative, fast-paced, unique advertising jobs for job seekers. Not limited by geographic location, these roles can be found anywhere in the world, as long as there are companies doing business in the area. These roles are crucial to business success, so they are often competitive and in high demand. The inherent flexibility and the variety of types of advertising jobs ensure there is something for everyone.

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