Course Marketing Specialist for Clients of our eLearning Company

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: Full-Time


: Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations

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Course Marketing Specialist for Clients of our Innovative eLearning Company

As eLearning / online courses become more and more essential to schools, institutions, and businesses these days, our company has been rapidly growing and getting more and more projects which involve marketing.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to run point on the marketing side of our online course projects. And do things like mapping out the specific marketing strategy (basically the most effective / strategic way to complete the given marketing deliverables included in that client's project), getting on client marketing strategy calls to review the plan with them initially, and then a weekly check-in call to run them through updates and answering any marketing questions they have, answering additional marketing questions that might come up in between those calls, and finally helping to implement / tie together the marketing deliverables created by the rest of the marketing team into a finished funnel / campaign / etc.

Example: client marketing project includes a funnel, with landing page design and autoresponder. You would be doing things like:

  • select between the common types of funnels that we use for these types of projects, based on what would work best for this particular industry / course project
  • taking the autoresponder campaign templates that we have and adjusting that in a way that's optimized for this particular course
  • reviewing the proposed funnel / autoresponder concept on a call with the client and explaining why you think that will work best
  • as the landing page of the funnel is designed by our designer, and copy is created by our copywriter, you'd be reviewing these deliverables and making revisions to make sure they are excellent and ready to go before we send them to the client
  • maybe answering a couple questions the client has, like what price to set for their course, what email marketing platform we recommend, etc., all done in a way that reinforces the perception that they are in good hands and working with reliable professionals

Most common marketing plan / deliverables for these projects involve:

  • building some type of funnel
  • outreach marketing campaigns, via email and linkedin
  • lead generation / lead scraping (for ex via linkedin, and some tools / processes we have for doing that)
  • some kind of email launch campaign to their email list.

Who We Are

Monetize Your Expertise (aka MYE) is a course production company - we create online courses and training for people and companies by doing all of the heavy lifting for them. Rather than running in circles for 6-12 months or more, trying to figure out how to build an online course, we do it for them. It only ends up taking a few hours of their time, and the result is world-class!

We do all the work outlining their course, incorporating any other materials they might have, creating slides, worksheets, quizzes and more, editing the videos into a finished course, setting it all up onto a learning management system (LMS) and marketing the course to generate revenue for them.

The eLearning industry is on track to become a $325 billion dollar industry over the coming years, with more and more business and organizations trying to incorporate this type of training into what they offer their customers or their team. MYE is the #1 company that offers a turnkey solution for companies to do this.

Our Culture, Philosophy, and Values

We are a team of people who all deeply care about doing good work, helping each other, and helping our clients. The work style of the team is pretty independent - we make sure everyone has what they need to do a great job and then everyone goes off and does deep work.

MYE doesn't try to grow as fast as possible, or make as much money as possible, or slave-drive employees. We value growth and learning and well-rounded life. You can work in the way that is best for you, as long as you produce amazing results for our clients.

The most important thing - this isn't just a job. You are becoming part of the 'team' for our company. This means that we don't want someone to just clock in and clock out, and do the bare minimum just to get paid. We need you to actually care about what we do as a company, want to help us grow and improve.

Basically, if you just want to show up, (barely) get the work done, and go home, this is not for you.

If you will be excited to do the work, bringing with you tons of ideas for how the company can grow and do better... if you're pumped to think about where we are headed as a company, and seeing this opportunity as an investment in growing something greater than yourself, then you are our type of person.

Possible list of responsibilities / deliverables:

  1. Reviewing the target market information for the project, perform market research to identify other courses in the same industry, and create a course marketing plan to review on a call with the client
  2. Accurately answering client questions in a timely manner (1 business day)
  3. Proactively reaching out to clients to keep them on schedule, as needed
  4. Assisting the project team in gathering relevant information and materials from clients.
  5. Internal review / revisions of marketing deliverables completed by rest of marketing team: landing page / marketing funnel design, sales page, review copywriting, autoresponder / email marketing campaigns, lead magnet design
  6. Create and maintain marketing templates and processes, to help us strive for continuous improvement
  7. Direct work on certain marketing deliverables, such as:
  8. map out opt-in bribe downloadable to put top of funnel, to created by our graphic designers / instructional designers
  9. create outreach campaign strategy
  10. set up / run outreach and lead generation campaigns (via email and Linkedin)
  11. configure google analytics / tracking of the conversion metrics for the funnel / course
  12. create marketing plan, and lead the rest of the marketing team as they work on executing the marketing strategy
  13. Help lead the team in the creation of the marketing funnel for the project, and implement the pieces of the funnel once completed, such as connecting the funnel to the checkout cart, and the client's other website, hooking up the autoresponder to go along with the funnel, testing the funnel to make sure it works
  14. Weekly check in call with clients to review progress (once onboarded), running them through updates, completed deliverables, etc.
  15. Providing internal status updates to the MYE project manager for the project
  16. For projects that include long-term / ongoing marketing:
  17. Creating a regular marketing report to submit to the client to demonstrate results
  18. Work on ongoing improvements / campaign optimization to improve campaign KPIs over time

Do you have what it takes to work with us?

The most important characteristics of those that end up being successful in their position with us relate more to work style and personal values more than specific formal experience. While you will need a general understanding and experience working with marketing for this particular position, we'd much rather bring someone on board who works hard, takes pride in doing great work, is eager to learn, is positive and looks forward to getting feedback so they can pick things up quickly and improve, but maybe only have a few years of direct marketing experience...versus someone with a formal degree in marketing and 20 years of experience working with a big, old-school company, in a way which makes them look qualified on paper but lack the aforementioned attributes and are 'stuck in their ways' based on how they approached marketing in their previous position, even if it's completely inapplicable to what our clients need.

Shorter version: less experience but hard working and eager to preferred over... more experience but hard to work with and slow to learn

We have quite a bit of documentation / SOPs / templates which will help you as you start your work, so you won't be doing everything from scratch. That being said, there are some specific skills and abilities required.

Specific skills and abilities required

  1. Excellent communicator, both written and verbal, in order to provide clear, professional, updates and guidance to both the rest of the team and to clients
  2. Can answer client questions, research / troubleshoot to find answer, no hand holding necessary
  3. Good enough understanding of core marketing deliverables to assess if they are 'ready' or 'good' enough to show the client, and able to do revisions to get them there if they need more work first. The primary categories here are: landing page / funnel design, copywriting (email campaign copy, website copy, and outreach template copy), lead magnet (design and copy / content). We can train you on the minor / specific details associated with much of this, however you do need to come in with the general ability to look at a deliverable and know if it looks good, or if something seems off and looks like it needs more work before we send it through to the client.
  4. Problem-solving / research skills - a big part of your success in this role will be your ability to figure out how to answer a question that maybe has never come up before. Or figuring out the best way to do a particular thing, in a new context. You should be comfortable researching answers to questions where you don't know the answer out of the gate.
  5. Happy to help other team members, and clients
  6. Organized, reliable, and dependable. This is more important to us than almost anything else.
  7. Never miss a deadline (or at the very least not without updating the rest of the team first before it happens)
  8. Experience working in a self-autonomous way - we set outcomes for your role, and then check in with you, rather than constantly breathing down your neck
  9. Have a can-do attitude. For example, if you don't know how to do something your default response should be 'I don't know but I'll figure it out ASAP'. As opposed to 'help! I don't know how to do this and I need you do tell me the answer / do this for me!'
  10. Have a drive to learn. Due to the nature of this job it is essential that you have the perspective and drive to learn anything you need to learn.
  11. Dedicated to doing your best to provide great work, even if you are jet-lagged, stressed, or confused about what you should be doing. If you need to be told what to do on an hourly basis exactly what you need to do next, before you can proceed with anything on your work, then this is not for you. You will need to have ownership of the things you do once you are trained on how to do them.
  12. Have superlative attention to detail. The entire basis for our company is that every team member who works with our clients does great, thorough work, on each skillset and facet of our projects. It just doesn't work if everyone is a 10/10, except 1 person who is a 3/10. Everyone always brings their A game, and we will expect you to do the same.
  13. Loves giving and receiving feedback. Doesn't hesitate to bring up and propose solutions to issues they notice with the project along the way.
  14. Impeccable integrity
  15. The ability to work fast and accurately, even under tight timelines and with multiple projects.

People who would probably not find this opportunity interesting or rewarding:

If you are the type to not get the job done, make excuses, blame others, and get stuck with the most minor of obstacles, then you would not be a good fit.

  • People who only check their email once a week and respond to it once a month.
  • People who say they will do something by tomorrow but then deliver it next week.
  • People who are passive-aggressive or uncomfortable communicating directly.
  • People who can only do work 'when they feel inspired'.
  • People in it just for the money. This is for someone growth-oriented.
  • Those who half-ass things. Everyone on our team works really, really hard. Yet we do it with autonomy and because we inherently enjoy doing great work.

What We Offer


This position is a great opportunity to get the “behind the scenes” look inside a fast-growing business (course production company) with a great team.


If you can deliver on expectations, you will have ample opportunity to work on your own terms (as long as you continuously deliver results)


Plenty of training available. If you’re interested in getting your hands into other parts of the business, we're happy to help you develop new skills.

In fact, we have access to an entire massive library of courses from past projects that you can learn from (upwards of $50,000 worth of courses that you will get access to).


For a qualified individual, there is room for growth in the company.

If your primary focus is getting this position just to make money, then this probably isn’t a great fit (there are certainly faster and easier ways to make a quick buck - it's more about happiness, impact and doing something great).

However, if you are interested in learning a ton, doing great work, working with super cool people and serving extremely interesting and varied clients (while also being compensated), then this is for you.

What others have said about working with MYE:

“Working with MYE has been a great experience. Not only do I get to work from home and on my own time–which has also taught me a lot of self-motivation and time management–but I’ve also learned what it’s like to start your own business, and how to best go about it. Grant’s also super kind, flexible, and he helps/teaches you as much as possible so that you get as much out of the experience as possible.” – Digne

'As you dedicate yourself to this company, the management will bend over backwards to make sure you are taken care of! It's a breathe of fresh air to have some control over personal availability! Management always my back, supporting me when client issues need team support to solve. Great training, tools and advice are readily available to help support my job success!' - Tawny

'I love working with MYE, especially you' - Alex

'I am so impressed by the team at MYE. Even though we work remotely, we collaborate seamlessly and trust each other to own our responsibilities without being micromanaged. We are all equally driven to give the best to our clients. It has been such a wonderful experience to work with a team that cares so much about high quality work, but also cares about each another. I am so thankful for our team because we support one another and help each other to continue to grow professionally.' - Gloria 

'I just wanted to say, thank you for trusting me with so much, and what you’ve taught me and how to be a better manager and person. You really are a great boss!! It’s exciting to see how far things have come since I started!' - Jessica

Compensation and Career

Starts part-time at $500 - $1,000 per marketing project assigned to you

Note: final compensation dependent on experience and the final scope of work associated with your role, as we match the various needs our organization has with your particular skill sets.

If you can help us grow faster, you will benefit accordingly.

We are looking for someone to help us grow this company in a long-term position. We are rapidly growing (approximately 100% growth per year) and we hope that you will grow with us.

This is a part-time position, at least to start. If things go well, this can become a full-time opportunity within about 3 months, depending on performance. Possibly sooner if you really knock it out of the park!


The company is incorporated out of Buffalo, Wyoming, but this is a remote position, and our team is based all around the US.

While this position is open to people from other countries, you do need to be a native / fluent English speaker, and have the ability to accommodate US timezones.

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